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Zetes Industries S.A. / N.V. (Zetes Group) is a Belgian technology company headquartered in Brussels with operations in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, employing more than 1 200 people in 22 countries.

A former Sales Manager from Maidenhead, Berkshire describes his job at Zetes Industries in a review for INDEED, he/she describes the company as ¨Shockingly awful¨, adding: "Very poor management. Little growth potential. Surprised they managed to resurrect the company. Inappropriate/poorly behaved colleagues. Avoid like the plague for your own mental health."


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Former Employee - Sales says

"During my time in Zetes I was severely bullied (PR) I had to seek counselling and watched two colleagues brought to tears here also. This caused me severe anxiety and panic attacks. This place demonstrates an extremely toxic sales environment with no clear direction or ability to manage nor tech simple sales techniques. I was on the verge of bringing the company to court. If only I knew then what I know now. It has made me stronger."

Former Employee - ICT says

"Managment at Zetes is politic. There is no structure anything at all. Management makes up rules on the spot, and don't find it necessary to follow them themselves. Zetes is the wild west. A lot of employees are doing nothing the whole day, this problem is here apparently for years, and nothing happens. (Also management) Great people got fired, not because they don't do their job well. But because people didn't give him a chance or don't like them. In the 16 months I've worked here I have seen blackmail, friendship politics, racism, lying (a lot of lying), the list goes on, and this is from management towards each other and employees. And I mean; seen heard felt with my senses. Not a story I heard in the distance. The minimum I can give in this review is one star; otherwise, it would have been zero."


"Poor products, weak and inexperienced management and no interest in clients."

Former Employee - Account Manager says

"They have lost sight as to what matters. No leadership only dictatorship. No care for their employees, head are placed in their roles it seems due to knowing people in higher places and not because they are capable and have skills to manage a business and its employees. Very dishonest with their customers. They want to just put a plaster over issues rather then really get to the core of it and provide a good customer service."


"if you are not part of the group and you are a individual you will get sacked .... good for people who have no opinion.."

Former Employee - Account Manager says

"Management - word is not their bond, poor values, they dispense of their staff for small things such as not liking them or if you speak your mind you get sacked. No compromise, no compassion and inhuman. Very unhealthy environment, staff work out of fear of losing their jobs. No feeling of security and no enthusiasm and no team support."

Former Employee - Sales says

"No organisation, run like a small company. CEO decides everything, does mot delegate. People fired in a snap of a finger on Christmas day, made redundant based on costs, treated rudely by top management, no career path, no respect for people. People are pigs for management profits. Fear management, high level of stress. Management is bright but lack social skills."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Make redundant experienced heads and replace with much younger/cheaper people to do the same job They claim "Zetes understands the value of treating staff fairly and encourages all members to participate fully in the workplace without compromising their family commitments or general well-being." ---- from late 2012 this a totally misleading statement"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Bad infrastructure. Disorganised. Uncertainty. Low salaries."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No direction or strategyin company"

Jodie Chuma says

"I'm still waiting on my order from 2 years ago. I emailed twice about the order and was told int was being held in customs then was told it would be sent out again. I never recieved the order sll I emailed again w/ no response & the email no longer works. I'm out $40"

Jennifer Ashley says

"I ordered $459.89 USD from this company and they never shipped it and now their sites are down. I am going to look into this. Thank you for this review page, this means that I am not alone and we will probably never find them, but I will talk to visa."

Tab says

"A couple times my orders have arrived from Zen Like Products, but every single time I had to follow up and they said it was stuck at customs and would send another package. The last time I ordered though, supposedly they sent me another package and it never arrived. They stopped responding to my emails and updated the status of the order as fulfilled and have not delivered the product or refunded my money. I recommend DO NOT order from them."

Julia says

"This is a scam! They take your money then never deliver the products. I tried reaching out several times and was told my items had been stopped at customs, was never given a refund and never received the products. Based on other reviews I think it’s just a hoax."

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